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UPF50+ Cool Cloth

UPF50+ Cool Cloth

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UPF50+ Cool Cloth

$25.00 $17.50

UPF50+ Cool Cloth

Cool Cloth Scarf White
$25.00 17.50

Product Description-

Cool cloths are a high-performance cooling towel that can be used in any application where rapid personal cooling is desired.

The unique, hollow-fibre weave has high water absorption, retention, and wicking characteristics to maintain the cool temperature of the cloth.

This fabric is the first performance fabric technology that addresses the effects of relaxing, exercising and working in the heat for extended periods of time.

The fabric effectively acts as an air conditioning material for the skin as it captures moisture, cools it and slowly dissipates it to reduce body temperature.

To activate the Cooling Cloth: “Wet it” “Wring it” and “Wave it!”

Scarf dimension is 90x25cm

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