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Easy Reach Applicator

Easy Reach Applicator

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Easy Reach Applicator

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Easy Reach Applicator

Easy Reach Loofah Exfoliating Pad
Easy Reach Replaceable Sponges
Silver Easy Reach Lotion Applicator
White Easy Reach Lotion Applicator
Pink Easy Reach Lotion Applicator
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Product Description-

This plastic paddle shaped device has a washable foam pad on one end. It assists in the self application of lotions and ointments. The length and curved shape enables access to every body part. The product folds in half to a compact 190mm for storage. It opens to a 380mm length for use.

  • Two replaceable washable sponges are included with each product. 
  • Natural loofah exfoliating pads are also available.
  • The Easy-Reach is available in White, Pink & Silver colours.