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Christine Bamboo Turban Shanti

Christine Bamboo Turban Shanti

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Shanti Turban Black/Bluechristine-bamboo-turban-shanti

Christine Bamboo Turban Shanti


Christine Bamboo Turban Shanti

Shanti Turban Black/Blue
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Product Description-

Christine bamboo turban is a natural fibre and is particularly useful at absorbing moisture, whilst keeping the head warm. Turbans will remain in place even during physical activities yet maintain a high level of comfort.

Bamboo turbans are an excellent organic choice as they have many benefits and advantages over cotton. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with the texture similar to silk.

It is a natural anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic product grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  It is also quick to absorb moisture, therefore keeping you dry and odour free.

Bamboo turbans can be worn all year round as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

95% bamboo 5% viscose

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