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Skin Check Tool

Skin Check Tool

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Skin Check ToolSkin Check ToolSkin Check Tool

Skin Check Tool


Skin Check Tool

Skin Check Tool
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How does it work?-

This tool has been developed to help people get to know their own skin, and is a visual aid that will assist in comparing moles and identify any changes.


How does the Skin Check Tool work?

The tool helps educate about the importance of self checking by guiding through the "ABCDE" method of melanoma detection. Use the tabs labelled to check your skin and evaluate the features of moles and skin spots. Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you've identified any changes to a mole or your skin surface.



This tool is designed to assist you to perform a skin check and identify any suspicious spots.

Get to know your skin and be aware of any changes to new or existing spots in colour, shape or size.

People who are at high risk of developing melanoma should develop a surveillance plan in consultation with their doctor and may require regular skin checks and photographic imaging as part of this plan.

If you have identified any changes to your skin, visit your doctor as soon as possible.