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Unisex Sun Sleeve - White

Unisex Sun Sleeve - White

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Unisex Sun Sleeve - White S CCCC093330WUnisex Sun Sleeve - White S CCCC093330W

Unisex Sun Sleeve - White



Unisex Sun Sleeve - White

Unisex Sun Sleeve - White S CCCC093330W
Unisex Sun Sleeve - White M CCCC093330W
Unisex Sun Sleeve - White L CCCC093330W

Product Description-

Long open road ahead? Want to avoid that driver arm sunburn? Cancer Council’s practical UPF50+ sleeves will slip over your driving arm to protect your skin. Available in white and navy.
Cancer Council accessories protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.
UPF50+ excellent protection.
Designed for a comfortable fit.
Moisture-wicking Coolpass fabric – 100% polyester.
Lightweight, comfortable and breathable.
Please note:
Sun sleeve sold as single unit
This UPF rating only relates to the area if the skin that this accessory covers. Accessories not in direct contact with skin do no provide protection against reflected or scattered solar ultraviolet radiation. Manipulations involved in manufacturing such as stretching or sewing may lower the UPF rating. For optimal sun protection this accessory should be used in combination with other sun protective clothing that carries a UPF rating and classification in accordance with AS 4399.

Size and Fit+

True to size, comfortable fit. Protection may be reduced if materials are stretched.  


Product Care+

Please refer to label on garment for further care and washing instructions. 
Sunscreen stains 
Sunscreen may stain clothing and swimwear. 
Orange-brown stains are common in areas containing hard water (high iron content in water) or households containing iron piping. 
 To remove stains, we recommend using a laundry detergent that is designed to cut through oils and grease. A mild Citric Acid solution can also be used.