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Active Sleeves Kids

Dark Blue
Ocean Blue
Product Description

These sleeves can be worn with t-shirts and sports/school uniforms, the gentle stretch and upper elastic keep them in place.

The unique fabric, made from recycled fishing nets and other waste nylon, protects from harmful UV rays, and is ARPANSA tested UPF50+.

Perfect for sports like golf, cricket, baseball and tennis. Crazy Arms Active Sleeves are made from Econyl®, a regenerated nylon coming from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste. Abandoned fishing nets, known as ‘ghost nets’, are often lost in storms, snagged on reefs or even tangled when boats operate in crowded waters. These nets, which are near invisible in the ocean light, can be left tangled on reefs or drifting in the open ocean harming fish, marine animals, and bird life.

Please note: Active sleeve sold as a pair.

Size Guide

Our supplier offers four sizes which are based on the height of your child. Simply measure their height and this will tell you which size to order.

X-Small: Kids between 95-115cm (35 -45") Ages 3-4

Small: Kids between 115-135cm high (45-53") Ages 5-8

Medium: Kids between 135-150cm high (53-59") Ages 8-11

Large: Kids between 150-160cm high (59-63”) Ages 12-14 (approx.)

Care Instructions

The breathable fabrics mean the arms will not need frequent washing. Use cool gentle machine cycles with mild detergent. Do not use softeners or bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Simply dry in the great outdoors.