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Christine Headscarves

Introducing Christine headscarves collection

A Christine headscarf

Christine headscarves are designed to provide women with a real choice and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time. Danish designed Christine range of stylish and practical headscarves which are manufactured from a blend of the softest silk, finest cotton blends including Bamboo which are all 100% natural materials to allow sensitive skin to breathe. The bamboo is naturally antibacterial and absorbs moisture allowing ladies to remain dry, odour free and to feel cool in summer and warm during the Winter months. The Christine headscarves are fully lined and seam free to avoid irritation to delicate scalps and are a fresh, stylish and comfortable alternative to a wig. Christine range is not only limited to women suffering cancer, these beautiful scarves make a fantastic fashion accessory.


How to tie scarves with ribbon

Below are videos of how to tie scarves with ribbon. You can click here to download a copy of various tying instructions. 

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