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Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses

Introducing our Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses range

Jonathan Paul Fitovers® are the premiere fit-over style sunglasses available. The high-quality frame and lens construction, with a wide selection of stylish colors, distinguishes Fitovers® from their competitors.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers feature:

Splotch Guard TM
A special treatment that prevents fingerprints and smudges from sticking to the surface of the lens

Duo Hard Coat TM
Provides multiple impact protection and scratch resistance to lenses, so they'll last for years to come.

Flash-Reflect TM
A subtle flash mirror treatment that reflects bright light away when in intense light conditions. Gives the lenses a glass-like appearance and hides your prescription eyewear.

BlueLight Filter TM
All lenses filter out varying degrees of blue light.

Each purchase includes case, neck cord and cleaning cloth. Products carry a manufacturer's warranty for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. See show reel of various styles below.

Fitover size guide

Since fitovers are designed to be worn on top of your prescription glasses, you need to find frames that are right for you. Not all Fitovers may fit over your frames. To figure out which frames are designed to your specifications:

  • Download the Jonathan Paul Fitover's size guide
  • Print it, making sure to use 8.5"x11" paper and turning off any 'f'it to page' options
  • Hold your glasses to the printed size guide.
  • If your glasses fit inside the blue rectangle overprinted on any of the Fitovers sunglasses, then you can wear any pair in that collection.

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