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CC Shop Product Treadley Bike Helmet Cover Children [ 100%]

Now everyone can enjoy fun, sun protected cycling. Treadley Helmet Hats feature distinctive designs so kids want to wear their helmet. They are practical too; durable fabric to withstand rough treatment, a generous peak to protect little faces and an adjustable toggle for easy fitting.

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CC Shop Product Easy Reach Applicator [ 26%]

This plastic paddle shaped device has a washable foam pad on one end. It assists in the self application of lotions and ointments. The length and curved shape enables access to every body part. The product folds in half to a compact 190mm for storage. It opens to a 380mm length for use.

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CC Shop Product Easy Reach Loofah Pad [ 26%]

A Natural Loofah accessory is now available to use with the Easy-Reach applicator. Natural loofah has been used for centuries as a skin treatment. The loofah’s natural fibres stimulate circulation and removes dead skin cells, which then leaves the skin healthy, soft, and vibrant. Loofah can be used with soaps, creams, gels or lotions.

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CC Shop Product Easy Reach Replaceable Sponges [ 26%]

Easy-Reach has huge advantages which is the sponge are replaceable. You can replace the sponges anytime and when is necessary.

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CC Shop Product Sunshader Chair [ 26%]

A waterproof shade canopy clicks in place over the top of the chair. Curtains on the sides and rear can be attached, blocking sun from all sides. Pockets under the canopy and built into the curtains are perfect for your personal belongings (e.g. towel, books, sunscreen, hats).

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CC Shop Product Net n Shade [ 19%]

Drawstring mesh net that sits over the brim of a hat with a shade curtain that attaches to your hat or helmet and hangs to protect your neck and ears from the sun.

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CC Shop Product Gola Over Hat [ 18%]

UPF 50+ Micro Mesh fabric, features convenient holes to accommodate earmuffs or other helmet attachments. one size fits all.