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Product Quality

Cancer Council's sun protection range is designed to help keep you and your family safe. From high quality and stylish hats to sun protective swimwear, fashionable sunglasses to innovative sunscreens, there are sun safe solutions to suit every lifestyle.  


Our partners


At Cancer Council, we want to ensure every Australian is protected from harmful UV radiation, whether it is at the beach, working outdoors or doing the gardening. That’s why we partner with industry leaders to develop products that suit our Australian lifestyle and our love for the outdoors.

The factories our suppliers use are audited to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours and safe working conditions. Our policy requires that all production is carried out in countries and factories that can be audited, and that can adhere to our policy which has a zero-tolerance approach towards forced and/or involuntary labour, child labour or human trafficking within the supply chain.


Our quality


Cancer Council products give you confidence and assurance that you are protected, no matter what your day may bring. Designed to meet Australia’s demanding standards, our products offer the highest level of sun protection.


Our online and retail stores


Cancer Council’s online and store locations offer a one stop shop for sun protection products. All profits from the sale of Cancer Council sun protection products sold in these stores help to fund our life-saving work.



Cancer Council hats are designed for sun protection and are independently tested and rated UPF50+. We have over 200 styles available.


Cancer Council sunglasses are fitted with category 3 polarised lenses. Category 3 lenses provide high protection against sunglare, good UV protection, and comply with the mandatory requirements of the Australian Standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles, AS/NZS 1067.1:2016. We have over 200 styles to choose from.

Apparel and swimwear

Cancer Council’s apparel and swimwear range is made from durable, quick-drying, close-weave materials. Our swimwear is exclusively designed in Australia and is chlorine resistant, made from long-lasting materials which stay sun protective when wet. Cancer Council apparel and swimwear conforms to Australian Standard AS4399:2020. Everything in our range has been independently tested and is rated UPF50+.


Cancer Council broad-spectrum sunscreens are rated between SPF30 and SPF50+ and are available in a range of innovative formulations and packaging to suit every lifestyle.

Australian sunscreens are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the Australian Government's Department of Health. All sunscreens sold here must meet Australian testing standards, which are some of the strictest in the world.

Cancer Council sunscreens are manufactured in TGA-approved laboratories and are tested before going on sale to make sure they meet their SPF and water resistance claims. Each batch is also tested prior to sale. As well as this, all active ingredients are approved by the TGA based on the latest evidence regarding their effectiveness and safety.

Shade: Umbrellas, cabanas and shelters

Cancer Council beach cabanas, umbrellas and pram covers provide excellent UV protection when combined with other forms of sun protection.